Diddy Kong Racing Music Question

Frosty Village Music Question

Twitter Question from Xavier Rodriquez

@David_Wise Hello David Wise, Im curious where you got that Whistle sound in Diddy Kong racing, usually used when you select Conker in the main menu. Also the guitars in frosty village. its one of favorite tracks and reminds me of playing the game on xmas time.

David Wise’s Answer:

Frosty Village Instruments:

Whistle: It might have been from a sample CD. To me, it sounds as though it has been made using a flute sample, with a soft attack and a pitch shift up, just for the beginning of the sample, followed by vibrato ( pitch modulation ) – to give the effect of a whistle.


These were definitely from a sample CD. I think it was called Reggae Connection. I just used a few samples and used them at different pitches.

This is available from Time + Space:

  1. Alcamy91

    General DKR question:
    Diddy Kong Racing was the first N64 game I ever owned and fell in love with the ost, adventure mode and characters. I was wondering (and have been searching for a long time now) for any cool, funny or interesting stories about the dev process for that game? (Besides the Miyamoto suggesting adding Didfy to the game pitch)

    Also how did the DS version come to be made? Was it an order from Nintendo or did Rare want to remaster the game for whatever reason?