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1. Diddy Kong Racing was the first N64 game I ever owned and fell in love with the ost, adventure mode and characters. I was wondering (and have been searching for a long time now) for any cool, funny or interesting stories about the dev process for that game?

2. Also how did the DS version come to be made? Was it an order from Nintendo or did Rare want to remaster the game for whatever reason?


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Kev Bayliss

Funny? well the whole thing was a great deal of fun to work on to be honest. We were a brand new team and it was the first time a lot of us had worked together so it was a great bonding process, especially as we all loved racing games and the whole real-time 3D graphics scene was new and exciting to us. One funny thing I remember was that it was so hot in the barn that we had converted to offices that year, that we came to work in our shorts, and it was 30 degrees plus on the top floor until we had fans put in. So I’d sit there working on the graphics while a saw came through the wall, and it was Stephen Stamper (Who was in charge of maintenance at the site) cutting a hole for a fan in the side of the barn! Only a foot away from my head!

I couldn’t really answer the question about the DS version because I wasn’t at Rare when that was produced.

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What was the Dark Queen’s past like?

Why does Professor T. Bird refuse to use his powers?

Which character created the Mutant Ratpack?

And was there other story ideas in the games and tv show that didn’t get used?



Kev Bayliss

Well, If you’re referring to the original Dark Queen, then I’m not sure how much of a ‘back story’ she had. It was so long ago, but I remember we decided that she was a dark ‘witch’ that roamed the universe looking for more power. She also had a special staff that she needed to perform her dark magic, she is seen holding this in the original style guides. The head of the staff was meant to talk and advise her on her evil antics.

Professor T.Bird didn’t have any ‘powers’ as such as far as I can remember. Not super powers anyway, as he was just the brains behind the bunch.

The RatPack characters were definitely created by the Dark Queen, because I remember drawing pictures of her casting a spell to create them.

The original story was mainly written by a great writer called ‘Guy Miller’ who used to work with me at Rare back then, and he was heavily involved in creating the story lines for the characters!

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1. Was the Salamandos antagonist, The Vyrus, presciently created before the Covid-19 pandemic, or was the current situation the impetus for his creation?

2. Does this mean in addition to a concept album the Salamandos may also appear in a video game in the near future too?



Kev Bayliss

Without giving too much away about the story, ‘Vyrus’ is a long term arch enemy to our amphibious action heroes.

He’s been kicking around for a while now and I began scribbling ideas for him down last September. I can’t tell you too much about his back story, other than he’s very nasty.

There is no link with him and the current global pandemic, it’s just pure coincidence that after performing the Salamandos theme ‘Live’ for the first time at #Magfest2020 in January, Covid-19 also reared it’s ugly head!

Here’s some early concept art of the tentacled tyrant!

And as for a game? Who knows? Watch this space!

Salamandos Development!

Watch the Salamandos project progression!

To prove the authenticity of our concept art posters – here is a video of Kev & Dave signing them in a COVID friendly environment!

And for a bit of nostalgic fun, Dave created some 8-bit music to mark the date!

Signed by Kev Bayliss & David Wise – in 8-bit digital stereo!

Snowdonia 2019. Wales.

So we try to keep fit. But we also like to drink a beer and eat a pie, or a curry.

2019 saw the beginning of our new annual ‘DKC Adventure’ where we’ll be scaling mountains either on foot, skis or by mountain bike!

It’s great for inspiration, not to mention respiration!

One thing for sure, there’s always plenty of perspiration!