Media Bay in Groove Agent 5

Media Bay in Groove Agent 5 There is a specific version of Media Bay in Groove Agent 5 With all of the assets available to find, create and make great drum sounds Having clicked here – detach the browser: And … Read More

Diddy Kong Racing Music Question

Frosty Village Music Question Twitter Question from Xavier Rodriquez @David_Wise Hello David Wise, Im curious where you got that Whistle sound in Diddy Kong racing, usually used when you select Conker in the main menu. Also the guitars in frosty … Read More

Salamandos Development!

Watch the Salamandos project progression! To prove the authenticity of our concept art posters – here is a video of Kev & Dave signing them in a COVID friendly environment! And for a bit of nostalgic fun, Dave created some … Read More

MAGFEST 2020. Washington DC. (Nige’s Video Diary)

Silly video that we made during our stay at MAGFEST 2020!

MagFest 2020. Washington DC.

At the beginning of the year we were lucky enough to be invited to Magfest 2020 to give a talk about Music and Graphics development during our time in the industry. But the highlight of our trip was certainly performing … Read More

Snowdonia 2019. Wales.

So we try to keep fit. But we also like to drink a beer and eat a pie, or a curry. 2019 saw the beginning of our new annual ‘DKC Adventure’ where we’ll be scaling mountains either on foot, skis … Read More

The Retrogathering 2019. Sweden.

Our 2nd trip, but our first ‘Salamandos’ reveal. We were kindly invited to attend the Retrogathering in Vasteras, Sweden! Time to make some T-shirts and Posters to spread the news of our new project! Awesome couple of days!

Retrospillmessen 2019. Norway.

Our first ‘Retro’ Video Game trip overseas. We were really excited to attend 2019 RETROSPILLMESSEN event in Sandjeford, Norway. Awesome hotel, fantastic people, and great to meet up again with our old friends from Rare! See you there again soon!