Hi everyone!

So this is our blog page, where we’ll add information, pictures and news about what’s happening with DK Creations Ltd.

During lockdown, we’ve been continuing development with our SALAMANDOS project, and you can check out some of the concept artwork that has been produced so far in the Salamando Image Gallery post below.

We’ve been unable to perform any gigs as the Dave Wise 5 during this crazy time, but hope to get back on stage when it is safe for both ourselves and YOU to enjoy! But until then we’ve added some photos from the last year’s travels before we’d all heard of Covid-19.

Salamandos Development!

Watch the Salamandos project progression!

To prove the authenticity of our concept art posters – here is a video of Kev & Dave signing them in a COVID friendly environment!

And for a bit of nostalgic fun, Dave created some 8-bit music to mark the date!

Signed by Kev Bayliss & David Wise – in 8-bit digital stereo!

Snowdonia 2019. Wales.

So we try to keep fit. But we also like to drink a beer and eat a pie, or a curry.

2019 saw the beginning of our new annual ‘DKC Adventure’ where we’ll be scaling mountains either on foot, skis or by mountain bike!

It’s great for inspiration, not to mention respiration!

One thing for sure, there’s always plenty of perspiration!