David Wise Music Composer

The beginning…

Music Retail Assistant

David Wise started his music career being rescued from the gutter of musicdom – working at a music shop.

Tim and Chris Stamper had set up a new company called Rare, to design the future of video games. They needed music and discovered David’s talent for putting together a tune.

Nintendo Entertainment System

Life for David at Rare started by transcribing tunes into a text editor, typing in lines of code, sub routines and HEX numbers and assembling the 6502 data into a tune.

His first game was Slalom.

Followed by many, many more including:


Countless conversions

Snake, Rattle and Roll

Time Lord

With only 4 monophonic channels:

2 Pulse

1 Triangle

1 Noise

Creative solutions were required to make the NES sound chip create music.

The importance of suggesting music with so few channels would shape the style of music David would go on to create.

Super Nintendo

Given 8 channels of sample playback and 64k of data, it was musical revelation for Mr Wise. Like a canine finally being unleashed, David was able to furnish his musical creativity upon the SNES.


Donkey Kong Country

Tropical Freeze Wii-U | Switch

After leaving Rare in 2009, David went on to reignite his relationship with Nintendo. This time with Retrostudios.

A hugely talented studio based in Austin Texas, with a similar philosophy to Rare; To make the best games possible.

Conferences & Live Performances

Pixelatl – Mexico

Niff Film Festival – Switzerland

Digitas – Manaus – Brazil

Guadalahara Uni – Jalisco

Retrospillmessen -Norway

Retrospillmessen – Sweden

Stockholm City Hall VGM

Hamar – Game Jam – Norway

X-cite Game Show – Kuwait

Digital Hero’s – San Francisco

Mag Fest – Washington DC USA

Gamescom Cosplay Germany

Video Games Live – London

Dublin Video Games Concert