Salamandos Digital Mini-Comic & Music Episode 01
Salamandos Digital Mini-Comic & Music Episode 01

The first episode of our SALAMANDOS adventure begins in this Digital Mini-Comic!
With music by legendary video game composer DAVID WISE and artwork by KEV BAYLISS!

Each episode contains especially written music to set the atmosphere

with concept art and info about how we created it!

Throughout the comic you’ll find Hyperlinks which take you to the websites of our friends

who are Video Game Developers, Artists, Musicians, Creators and Collectors of all things Retro!

As our adventure continues we’ll give advice, tips and tutorials for Artists and Musicians

about creating content for Video Games and other projects!

We’ve been making video games since the 80’s so we’ve made a lot of friends in the industry,

so look out for features and interviews with some of them in future episodes!


(Flipbook for PC-MAC-IPAD-IPHONE) or (PDF for Android)
Download contains:
Interactive Digital Mini-Comic HTML file with music player! – For PC, MAC, IPHONE and IPAD
Interactive PDF File – For Android Devices
MUSIC MP3 Files – So you can easily add them to your music collection!

(Each Episode 14 Pages Approx)

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