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1. Was the Salamandos antagonist, The Vyrus, presciently created before the Covid-19 pandemic, or was the current situation the impetus for his creation?

2. Does this mean in addition to a concept album the Salamandos may also appear in a video game in the near future too?



Kev Bayliss

Without giving too much away about the story, ‘Vyrus’ is a long term arch enemy to our amphibious action heroes.

He’s been kicking around for a while now and I began scribbling ideas for him down last September. I can’t tell you too much about his back story, other than he’s very nasty.

There is no link with him and the current global pandemic, it’s just pure coincidence that after performing the Salamandos theme ‘Live’ for the first time at #Magfest2020 in January, Covid-19 also reared it’s ugly head!

Here’s some early concept art of the tentacled tyrant!

And as for a game? Who knows? Watch this space!