There’s nothing like a live performance when it comes to music, and when it comes to video games there’s nothing like SEEING your favourite themes being played out by the composers who wrote them before they were forged into your fondest memories when trying to get to that next level!

The Dave Wise 5 offer an exciting and involving ‘Live Band’ experience where you get watch and listen to some of David’s most loved tunes on the big stage. Playing a mixture of his action themes and relaxing ambiance, fans get to witness an intimate show with an electric atmosphere every time, featuring graphics and effects that pay tribute to the games in which they originate!

Performing music ‘old and new’ spanning over 3 decades of video games, DW5 is a four-piece line up PLUS special guest musicians who take their place on stage as the honorary ‘5th’ member of the band!

  • Nigel Atkins - Drummer
    Nige is a professional drummer based Derbyshire
    who has been playing drums and percussion since
    the age of 11.

    First trained in jazz, Nige was influenced by the
    great big band drummers including Buddy Rich,
    Louis Belson and Gene Krupa.

    Nige has been involved with David Wise for over
    20 years with many projects, however he feels that
    the current set up with Kev and Phil is one of the
    most exciting he has ever been involved with.
  • Phil Jordan is phenomenal guitarist who cut his
    teeth playing guitar in the amazing “Fanx Tara”
    in the 80’s with chart hit success. Phil plays lead
    with precise control alongside the rest of the band
    behind his token wayfarer shades!
    Phil Jordan - Guitar
  • Dave has been very much at home performing to
    thousands of fans on stage for quite a while now!

    Being an experienced Saxophonist and Keyboard
    player allows him to give the crowd an experience
    like no other when he performs tracks he has
    written for so many Video Game classics!

    Dave loves playing custom extended versions of
    his music on stage as a 'Live Band' because it
    gives a more 'organic' and atmospheric experience
    to those who love it!
    Dave Wise - Various
  • Kev Bayliss - Vocals
    Kev has been singing with Dave with the same
    passion he has had for Video Game graphics since
    the late 90's.

    Being involved with various other bands and
    producers, some of his work has been released by
    both independant and major record labels.

    Performing with great energy, Kev loves writing
    and singing vocals for the exciting new
    'Salamandos' album project!